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I am back and ready to teach again this summer!  Check out the courses I am offering this summer in the Bronx!

5 WEEK COURSES TUESDAYS Starting week of 7/19 (no class 8/9) 

Youth Salsa Course   (ages 8-12)                                                                                                                        5:30-6:30pm

In this class, students will learn the NY On 2 style basic step and begin to learn the basic salsa shines.  We will work on rhythm and coordination as well as timing and tempo.  They will work on some performance skills and will work in groups.  Various drills and techniques will be incorporated.   By the end of the course, students will have learned a short choreo which they will demonstrate for family & friends at the end of the last class on 8/23. Tuesdays 5:30-6:30pm

Adult  Salsa Courses                                                                                                                                            6:30-8pm Absolute beginner                     8-9:30pm Beginner 2 **

Adult absolute beginner classes will focus on the fundamentals of the NY On 2 style of dance and how to incorporate in a social setting.  This class will focus on partnering elements for half the class as well as independent salsa shines for the other half.  Timing, tempo, rhythm and coordination will also be taught in each class.   Partner is not necessary. We will rotate partners in the class. Tuesdays 6:30-8pm

Beginner 2 will follow the same format as the absolute beginner class.  We will review basics learned in the absolute beginner class but will embellish and focus on more complicated shines and patterns and well as begin working on syncopations.  Students must be familiar and comfortable with the following partner concepts- basic step, cross body lead, right and left turns, inside and outside turns, & basic hand cues.  Students in Beginner 2 must be familiar with the following shines-suzy q, front double cross, semi-circle, uptown/downtown suzy q, 4 corners, double side taps, slave step, and cuban step. Tuesdays 8-9:30pm

**must have taken at least 2 absolute beginner courses to attend Beginner 2

LOCATION: City Island Community Center, 190 Fordham St

PRICE:  $60 adult courses or $15 per class    $50 youth courses or $12 per class

5 week salsa courses



Can’t get to my live workshop? No problem!  My first ever pachanga online DVD IMG_0801(Volume 1) has finally been released and is now available!!  All the basics you ever wanted to know is broken down segmentally in this course .  Furthermore,  how it applies to shines and partner work is demonstrated.  Go to pachanga  and get your copy today!

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This beginner/intermediate level online course will help you develop sensual and sexy styling beginning with fundamentals basic movement and advancing to more complicated arm and body movement designed to be incorporated into partnering and shines.


  • Series or head, shoulders, ribs and hips warm-up to prepare for body movement
  • Contrabody movement (rhythm exercise) segmentally explained as it applies to the basic time step.
  • Detailed description and demonstration of hand design as well as a series of arm styling exercises.
  • Styling and Body Movement Variations for the basic step.
  • Specific arm styling for the basic step, turn patterns, partnering, and open shines.
  • Detailed explanations of how the execute head whips, body rolls, shoulders movements and body rolls with at least 4-5 examples of how and where to apply these movements in partnering and/or shines.
  • Normal and slow tempo demonstrations of each scene with and without music.

What are the Benefits?

  • Get access from any device with access to Internet
  • Increase confidence on the dance floor
  • Unlimited access for life
  • Instruction by Melissa Rosado in every video
  • Learn from the comfort of your home
  • Learn at your own pace
  • No partner needed
  • Save time

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My mentors, forever dance teachers and dance parents have started online classes and are teaching in person classes! Yay!  The have put up a series of shines and turn pattern sequences starting from beginners to advanced.  Take advantage of these masters in action and see why they have developed some of the best dancers in the world!
There is no one like them in the world!

Go to for online classes and info about upcoming in person classes and performances!!