dvd-boxLadies Styling:
Volume 1

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This beginner/intermediate level DVD will help you develop sensual & sexy styling beginning with fundamental basic movement & advancing to more complicated arm & body movement designed to be incorporated into partnering & shines.


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  • Series of head, shoulders, ribs and hips warm-up to prepare for body movement.
  • Contrabody movement (rhythm exercise) segmentally explained as it applies to the basic time step.
  • Detailed description and demonstration of hand design as well as a series fo arm styling exercises.
  • Styling and Body Movement Variations for the basic step
  • Specific arm styling for the basic step, turn patterns, partnering, and open shines.
  • Detailed explainations of how to execute head whips, body rolls, shoulder movements, and booty rolls with at least 4-5 examples of how and where to apply these movements in partnering and/or shines.
  • Normal and slow tempo demonstrations of each scene with and without music.



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